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As spring arrives, we realize that summer follows with the July 7 start of Lunch, Learn & Play for our youngest area citizens!

Children in grades K-6 will again be participating in our sixweek program in the Youth Barn and on our premises.
Last year we provided over 60 programs, most of them done freeof-charge by local talented folks. It’s truly amazing to realize the extent of talent in our area and to receive the generous benefits from folks who are willing to spend some time with the children.

We are always looking for new ideas and experiences for our kids. Programs may be a one-time thing or take place over subsequent days or weeks. If you are interested in doing something with the kids this summer,
please contact Herb Perkins at or at 518-854-7008. Herb would love to hear from you, discuss your talent or passion and then help you schedule and set up your time with the kids.

We thank everyone who shared their time and talents last year. Hopefully, all of the great program providers will return again this summer and inspire others. Hopefully all of the great program providers will return this summer.We couldn’t do this great free summer program without them and the many dedicated workers
who make the program a reality.


Special and wonderful children attended Lunch, Learn & Play this past summer. Special and wonderful programs, projects and a parade of opportunities filled their days on the lawn, in the community garden and in the Youth Barn on the Courthouse grounds. Special thanks to Krissie Breen for coordinating the majority of these enriching opportunities.
Local artists, local chefs, local musicians, zoologists, historians, athletes, farmers and local museums and businesses shared information and fun. In addition, more excitement was provided by a bounce house, a rock-climbing wall and regular walking hikes.
Beginning with a nutritious lunch each day, our area children participated in a full schedule of learning and playing under the supervision of Kim Gariepy, director and Chris Fronhofer and Kathlyn McCarthy, certified teachers and of course, many, many volunteers. Herb Perkins, Vice-President of the HSCPA Board of Directors and dedicated overall manager of L,L&P, offers a special Thank You to each and every organizer, presenter, guest and participant in L,L & P, 2013! Special and wonderful kids, we’ll see you next July!!!


Start-up day for L,L&P is Monday, July 1. We thought you might be interested in some updates about the plans for this summer. We are very excited to announce that Chris Fronhofer, Salem High School’s Spanish teacher, will be joining the staff for the summer. Chris will be particularly involved with the newly designed program for fifth and sixth graders.

We are grateful to the Stewart’s Foundation and Stewart’s customers in Salem for a holiday match program which brought $1,750 to L,L&P. There is no enrollment charge for L,L&P, and with this support, we are able to offer exceptional programming and a healthy lunch to our kids. Combined with the Town of Salem’s Morning Swim Program, children may take advantage of a full day’s worth of summer activities through August 9. The Shoppe Off Broadway, one of the major supporters of L,L&P, has recently made possible a new lighting system for the Youth Barn. Added to the new floor provided by the Shoppe last year, the Youth Barn is even spiffier and is indeed ready for the summer’s activities! Thank you to everyone who shops at the Shoppe!

REMINDER: Please know that we are always looking for folks who would like to donate their talent to L,L&P by presenting a program or sharing an interest with the children. In addition we are collecting ideas for our new grades 5 and 6 programming. Ideas or offers? Contact Herb Perkins at 859-3538 or at

Salem Lunch & Learning Program

FREE & OPEN TO ALL Area Children
(entering K - entering grade 6)
(Children can choose days they wish to attend.)
FLEXIBLE HOURS (Children may stay all
afternoon or be picked up early.)
SCHEDULE Monday ~ Friday, 11:30 am–5:30 pm

Yes, we are delighted to announce that Lunch, Learn & Play will happen again this summer!! HSCPA and The Shoppe Off Broadway have been providing summer fun, food and education for kindergarten through sixth graders for over six years! Many of our older children will “graduate” this summer after participating each year since the program began.

Plans are well under way for this summer. L, L & P will again offer art, music and dance programs as well as special programs and activities provided by talented and generous people of our area. The older children will also have opportunities to explore various sports for two-week sessions, learn hiking skills and nature lore, visit farms for hands-on participation and perform community services around town.

The Lunch, Learn & Play program takes place in the Youth Barn and in the yard and garden behind the Courthouse. The Youth Barn has seen some wonderful structural improvements provided by the generosity of the Shoppe. The barn offers an excellent venue for projects and programs, enhanced this year by new lighting, provided by the Shoppe. Food is prepared in the Battenkill Kitchen, next door to the barn. The Lunch, Learn & Play section of the Community Garden has been expanded and there are plans to involve kids in the design and building of a shelter next to the garden to be used for garden relaxation.
L, L & P is always open to hearing about project or programming ideas for the children. Please feel free to call 854-7053 to offer a suggestion. This year we are especially interesed in hearing about local folks who have a skill or craft that our 5th and 6th graders could interview them about.The children will be creating a book about sagesand artisans.



General John Williams, portrayed by Al Cormier, tells of early Salem history

General John Williams, portrayed by Al Cormier, tells of early Salem history


Smokey the Bear and a DEC forest ranger visit Salem Lunch & Learning

Smokey the Bear and a DEC forest ranger visit Salem Lunch & Learning

Peanut butter - Yum! Yum!

Peanut butter - Yum! Yum!

Rafaella Marie Fenn, president and managing director of the National Peanut Board visits Salem Lunch & Learning

Rafaella Marie Fenn, president and managing director of the National Peanut Board, visits Salem Lunch & Learning



HSCPA dancer

Showing artwork at Salem Lunch & Learning

Showing artwork at Salem Lunch & Learning

Scott Thetford and children having fun a pulley system

Scott Thetford and children having fun with a pulley system

*The program was renamed this summer. When a cease-and-desist order was received stating that a Texas corporation had Lunch ‘n Learn as a registered trademark, the program name was changed to Salem Lunch & Learning.

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